Skin Boosters & Mesotherapy

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Skin Boosters in Exeter

Improve skin texture

Skin boosters are gels made from hyaluronic acid, many of which are infused with vitamins and minerals.

They are injected just below the surface of the skin to primarily help with hydration, plumpness, loss of elasticity, tone and improve glow and radiance to the face and neck.

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How do Skin Boosters & Mesotherapy work?

Mesotherapy products also contain vitamins and minerals to target specific conditions such as signs of photoaging, sun damage etc. They can be injected beneath the skin alone; injected along with skin boosters, or used in combination with microneedling.

3-6 sessions are generally needed to ‘load’ the skin and then a single maintenance session every 4-6 monthly.

Dental House Exeter uses many types of skin boosters and mesotherapy products to treat a range of concerns which can be discussed at consultation for your individual needs.


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What's involved?

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Skin Boosters

Treatment time

15 - 30 mins


24 hours


24 - 48 hours


3 - 6 months

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